Polar bear

Who am I?

I am Sidharth, a software developer based out of India. I've been programming since the age of 14, when I first tried to create a blog website for my electronics stuff and upload it on the internet.

Now I build digital solutions which are performant and provide great user experiences. My expertise ranges from frontend development like building admin panels, landing pages, design systems to scalable and reliable backend APIs and tooling.

Tech stacks I use

I strongly believe in strong foundations and understanding advanced concepts over specific frameworks and technologies, hence I don't have any specific tech stack.

Instead I prefer sticking to 2 main languages (Javascript/Typescript and Go) and then move on to pick the remaining stack according to the project requirements.

Other noteworthy mentions

Apart from working on personal and client projects, I am a strong believer in OSS and try my best to contribute to open-source, I've also contributed to some prominent projects like

I also take online workshops to teach programming and other industry relevant concepts which are completely free of cost for anyone to attend.