Hey there, I am Sidharth

A Software Engineer based out of India with a rich programming background that began at the young age of 14. My initial foray into web development involved creating a blog website to showcase my electronics projects, which ignited a lasting passion for coding.

Presently, I specialize in crafting high-performance digital solutions that prioritize seamless user experiences. My expertise spans the spectrum of frontend development, encompassing the construction of efficient admin panels, captivating landing pages, and robust design systems. On the backend, I excel in architecting scalable and reliable APIs and tools.

Rather than being tied to specific frameworks and technologies, I emphasize the importance of establishing a strong foundation and grasping advanced concepts. This approach enables me to adapt flexibly to varying technologies and industry demands.

Proficiency in a diverse array of languages further enriches my technical repertoire. I am well-versed in Typescript, Javascript, Golang, Rust, and Python, employing these tools to deliver exceptional results in my work.

Beyond personal and work projects, I actively advocate for the open-source software (OSS) community and contribute to prominent projects some of which are listed below